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Marcel Morin is a photographer and globetrotter. For fifteen years, he has had the chance to travel around the world: he has traveled from Eastern Europe to South Africa, from Southeast Asia to India and China where he lived for more than ten years. It was there that he discovered street photography. Adept of portraits, he is carried away this time to public places, buildings, streams.


As a photographer, Marcel Morin is the antithesis of purists - for whom he feels a lot of respect - who present their photographs exactly as they were taken. He prefers, for his part, to make use of all the tools available to represent vibrating slices of life. He tries to translate his feelings through stylized photos. His wish: that we stop, let the memories go up, that we seize the message that can transmit a photo, that we consent to an awakening of consciousness.


After an absence of more than forty years, the photographer offers a fresh look on the city of Sherbrooke. Marcel Morin is from La Patrie, in the Eastern Townships. For several years, he has been a tireless collaborator of the Journal de rue de l'Estrie. Its goal is to return all the profits from the sale of the photo album and the exhibition to an organization that helps people who are homeless or at high risk of homelessness. His wish: to allow access to art through a photography studio or other.

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Marcel Morin  

Photographe Humaniste  |  Humanist Photographer
Sherbrooke, QC  -  Shanghai, Chine  -  Malaga, Espagne