In this era of selfies where the eye is tirelessly riveted on the navel, here is an exhibition of photos that offers an opportunity to look away, to meet each other. The Other ... busy living or surviving on Wellington or on a distant street, sometimes at the end of the world. The Other, towards whom the photographer Marcel Morin has dedicated himself to the mission of meeting and sharing their intimate life stories.


For Marcel Morin, the subjects photographed are, first and foremost, individuals in their own right. He met them on the streets of Sherbrooke, in Shanghai China, Calcutta India and Malaga Spain. The photographer established a link with each person before requesting their permission to seize a moment of their life. They are called Claude, Jeorge, Ms. Yao and Ms. Wang.



His dearest wish is to draw attention to another reality..  other than ours.

Marcel Morin  

Photographe - Globetrotter - Raconteur d’histoires par l’image
Sherbrooke, QC  -  Shanghai, Chine  -  Malaga, Espagne