Sherbrooke black and white - hope

Project Overview


Over the years, the city of Sherbrooke has been the subject of many artistic projects. Indeed, there has been no lack of studies, research of all varieties including books on the Queen of the Eastern Townships.

However, this is an unusual project: an exhibition of black-and-white photos of Sherbrooke, expanded by citizens' reflections on the theme determined by the initiator - that of -  hope.

This project differs from those presented previously, as it incorporates the collaboration of various personalities of the City. This complicity is the primary objective of the project's creator, Marcel Morin.

Insofar as Marcel is concerned, it does not suffice to present only imagery as captured through his camera lense - rather he seeks to collect the personal sentiments of fifty Sherbrookois, who are informed by various environmental spheres, inter alia, political, educational, cultural, business, sports etcetera.

Marcel's sincere desire is to support his photography of Sherbrooke through the writings of it's inhabitants.  

Pour moi l’espoir c’est...

Cette  phrase  sera  inscrite  au  livre  "Sherbrooke  noir et blanc - l’espoir”

un livre de 50 photos et de plus de 1000 pensées composées par vous

Pour moi l’espoir c’est…. 

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Marcel Morin  

Photographe Humaniste  |  Humanist Photographer
Sherbrooke, QC  -  Shanghai, Chine  -  Malaga, Espagne