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Anne-Josée Beaudoin, winner of the exhibition contest “Sommes-nous si différents?" Are we that different?

Title: Pure Soul

"Looking at this picture, what comes to mind is just happiness." A teasing face, a skin that reflect a great experience, a finger that challenges the photographer and told him, without noise, that she laughed a lot in life but she also cried a lot, she whispers to him, without any words coming out of her mouth, some distant secrets and memories, telling her about the children she had or wanted. She recounts, with her closed eyes, her sorrows, without him being able to hear her, but he grasps everything, he understands everything, without hearing a word, he has captured and brought to light the invisible datum. "


Thank you to all the participants and all the visitors of the exhibition "Are we that different?"

Give a title and compose a short text: "What is the story that tells you this photo?".

The winner will receive a copy of this photo, classic format, numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

Your title and text will be attributed to the photo and will be an integral part of the exhibition "Are we so different?"


All entries must be received before

Friday the 14 of December 17h.

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Marcel Morin  

Photographe - Globetrotter - Raconteur d’histoires par l’image
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